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She's The Queen

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April 2023

Set Up

Inspecting the hive for a healthy Queen.

She's the one the determines the hive.
Ask 10 beekeepers and you'll get 12 answers on what she means to the hive she's in. According to most though her average top number of eggs laid in a day for a healthy queen during season is around 1500 to 1800. Beesy. Beesy.
Even though the hive works as a democracy the Queen is who decides the amount of the workers and the drones. She carefully sizes up each cell before laying her eggs and according to their dimensions determine whether to lay down a fertile or infertile egg. Usually focusing more on laying the fertile for a higher worker population. (The girls do it all in the hive)
Her distinct body features like her shiny bald thorax, shorter wings, and longer abdomen allow her to stand out in the hive. When purchased through suppliers you can get them marked according to year of birth (as the lady pictured) or mark them upon inspection of your hives during the year to notice easier.

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