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From simple beginnings,....

I've started this apiary after beginning beekeeping to pollinate my blueberry canes. Blueberries were my original thought but the girls won my heart over. Sort of stuck to me. In a sense.

They were just an interest I had for years and never pursued. Finally I decided during Covid shutdown that I had plenty of positive things I could bee doing and experiencing far more fun. So that's what I did. I had fun.

I had an old magazine with some plans for the equipment, figured out what I'd need to follow through with them, and set the it in motion. I used money from selling young daylilies splits, checked a few local hardware stores for beekeeping leads and bee-gan my journey.

Starting only with one package one early April and haven't looked back. Buzzing with more interest while constantly growing my knowledge and apiary along the way.

The girls are great!

And they turned out to bee far more than expected. Worth every second.


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