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Rainy Days and Soft Ground Can Always Bring Bees Down,....

Being as how the summer is getting ready to kick in officially. Here in the Carolinas, it seems, Mother Nature has decided that all of June and July's rain will bee deposited in this one week. Buckets upon buckets.

Making a rookie mistake earlier during the season has caused me to have to deal with a hive taking a dive over to one side due to soft ground after about 18hrs of heavy rain. (Luckily it didn't separate). The stand was cheap and I needed to reinforce it better so lesson learned.

I grabbed the smoker and handled the few girls who were out delicately. They were agitated about the hive but only a couple got me. I set up a new stand using bricks, restacked the boxes while being careful of the girls, and ensured that as few of them were left out, wet, and harmed as possible. Covered them and then the rain came down again,...

Looking like a few more days before it's all over with and then I'll bee able to ensure they are truly safe but they were all fanning the entrance and flying a little when the sun poked out later for a minute.

The girls are tough and know what they're doing when it hits the ground,...


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